Enjoy These 3 Yoga Practices Geared Towards Supporting Each of the Doshas Uniquely.

Vata Dosha Yoga Practice

Why Vatas will love this class:

This is a yoga practice for the vatas when you’re feeling a little off and need a little boost to connect back to what recharges you the most on the yoga mat: creative, playful, spontaneous, flowy yoga.

Why Pittas Sometimes Need this class:

Pittas have a tendency to get very stuck in their patterns and routines. They don’t like surprises. This is a great class for when they need to get unstuck from their pitta rut and do something a little different.

Why Kaphas sometimes need this class:

Kaphas have a tendency towards immobility. They’d rather do restorative yoga than anything else, which is totally fine. But everyone also needs healthy dynamic movement from time to time, too. This is for those times when Kaphas just need to get up and move their bodies.

Pitta Dosha Yoga Practice

Why Pittas will love this class:

This is a great yoga practice for pittas when they need to recharge in the most pitta way they can on their yoga mat: with a focused, fiery, challenging practice that makes them sweat and feels hard.

Why Kaphas sometimes need this class:

Kaphas rarely challenge themselves and they definitely don’t like to sweat. However, every once in awhile, they need a little kick in the pants to get their bodies moving in a healthy way. This practice will light a fire under their “you-know-what’s” and break up some of the stagnant energy that can happen when kaphas are getting a little too kapha.

Why Vatas Sometimes need this Class:

Vatas don’t mind a good challenge, although they won’t necessarily seek it out. Plus, Vatas can use some focus, which doesn’t happen as easily when you’re in constant motion.

Kapha Dosha Yoga Class

Why Kaphas will love this class:

This class is slow, steady, and sweet. Nothing high stakes. Everything is low to the ground. Longer holds with support make kapha feel comfortable and happy. Kapha would probably prefer more time for restoratives at the end, so make sure to ignore the end time of the video and lay on those blankets for as long as you want.

Why Pittas Sometimes Need this Class:

Pittas don’t know how to take it easy. And often, when pitta is working on burning herself out, this kind of quiet, calming practice is exactly what she needs to lower those flames.

Why Vatas Sometimes Need this Class:

Vatas are not so great at slowing down. They feel uncomfortable when they’re not moving as quickly. While quick movement can be great, our bodies need variation and balanced actions. Vata’s body could use a little more steadiness and stillness and rest from time to time.