6 Meditation Myths, Busted!

Many years ago, when I was a brand new yoga teacher, I taught a class at my local YMCA and shared a story about my struggles with meditation. I had difficulty sitting without fidgeting. I [...]


Meditation for Moms: Confidence and Strength

This is a meditation for moms for all of those times when you feel like you’re at the end of your rope and you’re not sure you can keep it together. Maybe it’s been a long day [...]


3 Easy Ways to Green Your Mom Life

Kids definitely make it tough to go green. Tough but not impossible. Here are 3 easy ways to green your mom life, while saving a little money and giving you some extra time, too. 1. Bath time is [...]


Yoga at Your Desk

Feeling a little stiff and tense from sitting at your desk all day? Take a yoga stretch break. Do some yoga at your desk in less than 7 minutes. You’ll feel so much better than before you [...]