The Biggest Lesson Motherhood Taught Me About Self-Care

The biggest lesson motherhood taught me about self-care is not what you think. Obviously becoming a mom made me realize that taking good care of myself was as important as […]


10 Yoga Poses in 10 Minutes

10 yoga poses in 10 minutes. It’s not a challenge. It’s an opportunity to make the most of your time. The truth is, you don’t always have a full 30 […]


Is Bad Self-Care an Actual Thing?

Is there such a thing as “bad self-care” I’m guessing you actually already know the answer and I’m going to tell you anyway. But I’m going to tell you a […]


Yoga for Self Love

Get on your mat and do some yoga for self-love this Valentine’s Day — and every day. This is a yoga practice that will remind you from beginning to end […]


Self-Care is still important, even though you’re sick of hearing about it

“Self-Care is still important, even though you’re sick of hearing about it.” I posted this in a facebook group for moms who run their own businesses after someone posted a […]


How Do You Measure a Year

How do you measure a year? Last week, I watched the new live version of RENT on Hulu with my daughter and as a result, she has taken to belting […]


Yoga for a Nice Booty

Want a yoga practice that does more than open your hips and work your hamstrings? What about yoga to tone your butt? If yoga for a nice booty sounds like a […]