How to do yoga in tight spaces

This summer, my family traveled across the country twice. This double adventure meant we spent a lot of time in hotels, which are notoriously difficult spaces to have a movement […]


Morning Movement for Moms

What does your morning movement practice look like? When I was newer to practicing yoga, I was able to get on my mat for 75 minutes to 90 minutes at […]


Yoga with a Toddler

Have you ever tried to do yoga with a toddler? If you’re a mom and you practice yoga, I’m guessing you have. And probably it’s less that you’ve tried and […]


The Real Reasons You Avoid Home Practice

Do you wish you had a home practice but feel like it’s just not for you? Maybe you feel like you don’t have the time or you don’t know what […]


The Reasons Why You Don’t Do Yoga at Home

“Every time I try to do yoga, my cat starts to bite my head.” A friend of mine said this to me when she was interviewing me for her podcast […]


3 Things You Can Do Everyday to Increase Your Hip Health

When I was younger, I took my hips for granted.  I’m no contortionist, but my hips have a reasonable degree of mobility. I could never put my leg behind my […]


The Obstacles of Online Yoga Classes (and how to overcome them)

Several years ago, I started teaching online yoga classes. I had resisted for years, preferring the simplicity of showing up at a yoga studio, teaching my classes on the schedule, […]


Mommy and Me Yoga — Kids ages 2-4

For those times you want to get on your yoga mat and your toddler wants to join you, here’s another Mommy and Me yoga practice. This quick practice is great […]


Mommy and Me Yoga for Kids Age 2-4

Sometimes you want to get on your yoga mat and your kids want to join you. This mommy and me yoga practice is great for those times, especially if your […]


Mother’s Day Yoga

I believe Mother’s Day is everyday, but we as mom’s don’t always see it this way. I created this Mother’s Day Yoga practice so that you can give yourself some […]

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