Yoga is Essential

Yoga is essential. I’ve been saying this over and over to myself for the past 20 years. Sometimes I hear it louder than others, but it’s like a heartbeat to me. Yoga is essential. Yoga is [...]


The Magic Words I Use to Make Self-Care Possible

This is us. All 3 of my kids, ranging from almost 7 years old to almost 5 months old with an almost 4 year old in between. I snapped this photo a few days ago when all of my kids happened to wake [...]


The Biggest Secret to Successful Habit Change

Do you know what the biggest secret to successful habit change is? It’s a lot more basic than you might think and that’s what also makes it so tricky. The biggest secret to successful habit [...]


The Biggest Lesson Motherhood Taught Me About Self-Care

The biggest lesson motherhood taught me about self-care is not what you think. Obviously becoming a mom made me realize that taking good care of myself was as important as taking good care of my [...]


You’re Going to Screw Up Your Kids (and that’s OK)

A dear friend of mine wrote a powerful post on facebook about motherhood the other day and it inspired me. The gist of it was this: As the mother of a daughter, she’d hoped to heal her own [...]


5 Ways to Combat Mommy Burnout

It’s 9:15pm. I hear rustling and vague crying coming from my son’s room. He doesn’t actually sound like he’s awake. I hold my breath and try not to move a muscle while I wait to hear if he’s [...]


How to Handle Growing Pains

I never believed that growing pains were a real thing until I had my kids. If you google, “are growing pains real?” all of the results will tell you that there is no legit proof of growing pains [...]


The Yoga of Motherhood

Yoga has been a part of my life longer than my kids have. I started practicing yoga when I was 18 years old and a brand new college student in New York City. College life was exciting and a [...]


Never Chop Onions Before You Meditate

Never chop onions before you meditate. I learned this lesson the hard way. Not once, but twice. You’d think once would have been enough or that it would be an obvious concept, but not for me. I [...]