Is yoga enough?

Is yoga enough? I used to answer this question with a resolute YES. At the time, I didn’t feel like I had a need for other forms of movement for the purposes of health or wellness, which pretty [...]


Why I Love Teaching Yoga Online

5 years ago, my husband decided to join the Air Force. This had never been a part of my plan. We had 1 kid and another ready to make his entrance within days or weeks….we weren’t [...]


When things don’t go as planned

I had big plans for this week, but then my kids got sick. It’s just an average late-winter cold, but everything feels a little extra scary during covid times. When toddlers get sick, [...]


You might be a yoga mom

How do you know you’re a yoga mom? You might be a yoga mom, if you step on legos when you lunge. Your yoga mat might be littered with cars, crumbs, or glitter if you’re a yoga mom. In fact, you [...]