Springtime Green Veggie Stir Fry

You want to know the easiest, most perfect meal you can make in springtime? An all green veggie stir fry. I love stir fry meals because they are ridiculously easy to make and are endlessly [...]


Treat Yo’Self

Have you ever watched the TV Series Parks and Rec? On the rare occasion that both kids are asleep before 8pm, Nathan and I will sometimes cuddle up on our pile of yoga props which double as a [...]


Spring Veggies Soup with Brown Rice

I love spring veggies. Green, crunchy, full of vitality after the heavy, sugary root vegetables of winter. As tasty as they are raw, sometimes I need a little warmth in the transition from winter [...]


You’re Going to Screw Up Your Kids (and that’s OK)

A dear friend of mine wrote a powerful post on facebook about motherhood the other day and it inspired me. The gist of it was this: As the mother of a daughter, she’d hoped to heal her own [...]


Super Green Wrap!

I love me a good wrap. For one, they’re my kind of “fast food” For another, they are super easy to customize. This “Super Green Wrap” is my new favorite way to add a [...]


Sweet and Spicy Springtime Tabouli

Now that it’s spring, all I want to eat are salads. Not the iceberg lettuce salads that are popular at buffets and most restaurants. The salads I love eating are packed with veggies, [...]


5 Ways to Combat Mommy Burnout

It’s 9:15pm. I hear rustling and vague crying coming from my son’s room. He doesn’t actually sound like he’s awake. I hold my breath and try not to move a muscle while I wait to hear if he’s [...]