Rice with Fresh Herbs and Nuts

I like simple meals. Anything that I can throw together in 15 minutes or less is going to become a staple in my kitchen. As much as I love cooking […]


Simple Cauliflower Soup

I’ve been craving soup lately. Likely it’s this March-like weather we’re having in May, here in the DC area. We’ve had rain nearly every day for the past 3 weeks. […]


Supermom is a Myth

I am standing in my living room, with my wailing newborn tucked into the crook of one arm and a toothbrush, loaded with toothpaste in my other hand. The toothbrush […]


Raw Energy Balls: My 3 Favorite Recipes!

A long time ago, when I was beginning to do more distance running and was training for longer races, I started buying and consuming energy cubes. If you shop at […]


There’s No “Me” in Maternity Leave

The first time I was pregnant, I joked that I wasn’t taking maternity leave when the baby arrived, but instead going on “baby vacation.” I knew that labor and delivery […]


Springtime Tabouli

I love spring. The world is in the process of turning itself inside out. Everything is green and thick and light, all at the same time. Our front lawn is […]


Ditch the “Busy Mom” Syndrome

Picture this scene: A woman with messy hair and no make-up, picking up toys off of the floor. In the next moment, she has one hand on her phone, checking […]