Yoga for Beginners

These 5 videos are a fantastic introduction to yoga whether you are new to the practice or coming back to it after awhile.


Watch these videos in order, 1-5.

When you’re all done, email me at for some suggestions about what to watch next.

Or head over to my YouTube channel and choose your own yoga adventure!


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Happy Clients

Love this clear and careful review of the first 3 standing poses. Your attention to detail is exquisite! Following the directions very closely keeps my back safe, and my backbend feels liberating. Thank you!


You’re so good at breaking these beginner poses down movement by movement. Thank you!


WOW! that was great, I really worked up a sweat and my heart is pumping.

I suffer from an old neck injury which affects my shoulders, arms, and wrists and hands so I am so happy to find another no hands yoga video. Thank you!!! (P.S nothing better than a short and sweet video where I feel the burn)


Joy is moving when you want to, how you want to, because you want to.

Imagine how your body will feel when you are moving more consistently. Feeling stronger and steadier. Feeling greater ease in your movements.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to finally have the daily movement practice you’ve always wanted but never felt able to do?