How I’m Handling Remote Learning for My Daughter (without losing my shit)

My daughter started remote learning on Monday and I was super nervous about it. I’m pretty sure i’m not alone in that, either. Most of us who work from home […]


Is Your Self-Care All or Nothing?

Is your self-care all or nothing? I asked myself this question this morning when nothing went according to plan and found myself frustrated by all of the things I couldn’t […]


Is Self-Care at the Steering Wheel?

Is self-care at the steering wheel or is it your spare tire? Sounds a bit like a new-age country song, doesn’t it. I think most people see self-care as a […]


It’s Not Cool to be a Morning Person

A few weeks ago, I was looking for a GIF and I couldn’t find what I was looking for. GIF aficionados say there’s a GIF for everything, but it turns out they’re […]


Self-Care During a Deployment

Self-care during a deployment is essential. I learned this the hard way the first time my husband was away for officer training. He was gone for 10 weeks before we […]


The Magic Words I Use to Make Self-Care Possible

This is us. All 3 of my kids, ranging from almost 7 years old to almost 5 months old with an almost 4 year old in between. I snapped this […]


Ayurvedic Self-Care for the Post-Holiday Letdown

We’re smack in the middle of the very end of the year. Christmas is over, Hanukkah is still happening (but just 3 more nights), Kwanzaa has just kicked off, and the […]


Stop Telling Moms That Self-Care Doesn’t Work

Stop telling moms that self-care doesn’t work. This is one of my biggest pet peeves lately and I really want all of the mommy blogs, mom coaches, and instagram personalities […]


Reasons You Can’t Be Bad at Self-Care – Ever

If there’s one thing I keep hearing from moms, particularly moms of young kids, it’s that they’re somehow bad at self-care. There is literally no truth to this. No one […]


Self-Care in Times of Tragedy and Grief

Some people will say that self-care in times of tragedy and grief is gratuitous. Unnecessary. Selfish. Not helpful. A way to tune out the tragedy and avoid taking action. I […]

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