Welcome to Movement for Healthy Hips.

This program is intended to be done daily over the course of 6 weeks. However, you can also choose your own adventure with how you practice.

The program is broken into Strength training classes, Yoga-Influenced Mobility classes, and Restore & Recover classes.

As the program is planned, you alternate between mobility and strength, concluding with an R&R class on day 7.

You could also choose to only do strength classes, working every other day and building progressively over the course of 6 weeks. You’d do the first practice for each strength classes for 2 weeks (or longer) before moving on to the 2nd classes and another 2 weeks before moving on to the 3rd.
You could also choose to only do yoga and mobility classes. These can be done in any order, on alternating days.

I’ve put the strength training classes in order from foundational to more advanced, as it appears in the email sequence.

I’ve put the yoga/mobility classes in the order they appear in the email sequence, although some are done more than once AND they alternate, showing up in between the strength training classes.

I’ve placed the Restore/Recover classes in the order they show up in the email sequence as well, but there is less importance in terms of when or what order you do these practices.

Remember, you can do these daily or on your own time.

Yoga/Mobility Practices

Strength Training Practices

Restore and Recover Practices

Strength Fundamentals