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I love sharing about the power of short, satisfying practices and simple daily habits that can make life more enjoyable, no matter how busy your #momlife is.

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How to adapt your movement practice after having kids

Building small, simple habits into your busy mom life that can have huge, long lasting impacts
The destructive nature of postpartum perfectionism and how to shift both expectations, as well as healthier actions to take.
The messiness of motherhood

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Naomi is a mover, a maker, and a mom of 3 wild, wonderful kids. Naomi has been teaching yoga and movement since 2005. She is known for classes that are creative, playful, and strong. Her classes and programs are built with #momlife in mind. Naomi specializes in teaching short classes that pack a punch, making sure you can easily squeeze your daily movement into whatever pockets in your day you happen to have. When Naomi isn’t teaching movement, she loves reading books, going on outdoor adventures, dancing in her kitchen, and eating chocolate chips by the handful.

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