I’m Breaking One of the Biggest Rules in Business and This Is Why

I’m going to break the rules right now and share a secret with you.   Before I do, I should mention that I’ve always had a rebellious streak. I like pushing back against [...]


The Laundry Can Wait

I am standing in the doorway between my bathroom and my bedroom, struggling with indecision. I have wait for 10 minutes to pass before the face mask I applied will harden, at which point I can [...]


Confessions of a Bad Mom

I am a bad mom and here’s why: I don’t always find a good balance between working and playing. I let my daughter sit in front of the TV for hours so I can get work done. I say [...]


Hello, From the Motherhood Trenches

Yesterday, I was late for my evening yoga class. Usually I consider “late” to mean that I arrive 2 minutes before class starts, giving me little time to settle in, meet new people, and be [...]


You Can’t Have It All, Mamas. What You Can Have is Better.

me, working at home while babywearing Mamas, we’re being lied to. We’re told that we are successful when we “have it all.” And the worst part is that we believe it. What does that even mean, [...]


Supermom is a Myth

I am standing in my living room, with my wailing newborn tucked into the crook of one arm and a toothbrush, loaded with toothpaste in my other hand. The toothbrush is not mine. It’s for my 3-year [...]


Ditch the “Busy Mom” Syndrome

Picture this scene: A woman with messy hair and no make-up, picking up toys off of the floor. In the next moment, she has one hand on her phone, checking work emails and with her other hand she’s [...]