Yoga for New Beginnings

Celebrate the new year on your yoga mat with yoga for new beginnings! This is a yoga practice intended to get you moving so that you are starting the new year with energy and intention. [...]


3 Ways You Can Actually Accomplish Your Goals in 2019

I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. I think having big goals and seeking transformation is wonderful. I also think that most people go about accomplishing those goals is [...]


Cozy Yoga for Winter

You know those cold winter nights when it gets dark at 4:30pm and you don’t want to leave your house, but you also can’t go to sleep at 5pm? I have a cozy yoga practice for that. Get [...]


Winter Self-Care Practices

As I head deeper into winter, it’s time to switch up my self-care. My winter self-care practices are a little different than my self-care in the spring, summer or fall. Wonder why? Did you know [...]


Winter Solstice Yoga Flow

In honor of the day of the year in which the sun is in the sky for the least amount of time, I offer you this Winter Solstice Yoga Flow. The winter solstice sort of gets a bad rap. “The [...]


10 Great Reasons to do Online Yoga Classes

As a long time yoga teacher, I am about to do something borderline heretical. I want to tell you my 10 reasons to do online yoga classes. Listen, I love going to yoga studio classes as much as [...]


Yoga for Busy Moms

It’s tough to get on that yoga mat sometimes, isn’t it mama? So many things pulling you in opposite directions every hour of the day makes the likelihood of getting on your yoga mat [...]


Pan Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Dried Cherries and Pecans

I am just going to say that pan roasted brussels sprouts are far superior to oven roasted brussels sprouts. First of all, they are easier to make. Second, it takes half the time on the stove than [...]


My Favorite Daily Winter Self-Care Practice

My favorite daily winter self-care practice is savasana. If you’ve known me for awhile, you might be shocked to read this, but it’s true. This is me, taking a savasana break yesterday [...]


Holiday Yoga: Connect with Love

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Unless it’s not. The holidays can be so full of stress and drama and expectations, it’s easy to feel less than wonderful. Holiday yoga [...]