Spicy Black-Eyed Pea Stew

Berbere spice. If you’ve never heard of this spice, it’s likely you’ve never had Ethiopian food. I grew up in the suburbs of Washington DC, which has the largest Ethiopian [...]


Never Chop Onions Before You Meditate

Never chop onions before you meditate. I learned this lesson the hard way. Not once, but twice. You’d think once would have been enough or that it would be an obvious concept, but not for me. I [...]


Fire Cider

‘Tis the season for head colds, sore throats, relentless sinus pressure, and hacking coughs that don’t want to go away. The way I see it, you have 2 options: You can suffer through a [...]


Blueberry Walnut Granola

Granola gets a little bit of a bad rap these days. For years, granola was touted as a healthier option to cereal. Until, that is, we realized just how much sugar goes into the average batch of [...]


Bye, Bye Yoga For Weight-Loss. Hello, Yoga to Rock Your Awesome Body.

I was scrolling through YouTube the other day, looking for ideas. I was looking at videos by one of the most popular yoga teachers on YouTube. I figured that if she had millions of subscribers [...]


Sweet Potato Peanut Stew

It snowed in South Texas last night. This is highly unusual in of itself, but in addition, the snow wasn’t just brief flurries. Instead, it was a thick blanket of heavy, wet flakes. So [...]