Yoga for Healthy Hips

Thank you for purchasing my Yoga for a Healthy Hips series.

This is a 6 week course with a total of 18 videos and I’ll lead you through this series strategically from beginning to end, 3  videos each week. 2 of the videos are from the Yoga for Healthy Hips Series, while 1 video each week is a supplemental video from the Healthy Hips Everyday Challenge. The exercises and practices are progressive within each week, so the first exercise is usually the most accessible, while the last one is the most complex.

Same is true for the videos themselves. Each video builds on the one that came before. So the later videos are the most complex, while “Hip Mobility Basics” is the least complex.

However, if you want to DIY this series and do the videos in your own time, I’ve made all of the videos available here. This way, you can find them easily all in one place and choose when you practice them. Or you can pick and choose the videos and exercises which support you the best and do those more than the ones that don’t. This way, you get to decide.

If you scroll all the way down, past the main course videos, you’ll find a series of 6 videos called BITE SIZE HIPS.

These are suggestions for simple movement you can do when you just want something vey quick. These aren’t necessarily “yoga-specific” — instead they are movements you can easily do for about 1-3 minutes to give your hips some quick love.

Make sure you have this page bookmarked so you can access whenever you need it!

week 1

This week is all about hip mobility. The basics, going deeper, and then adding mobility to a flow.

week 2

This week will focus on dynamic action using range of motion in all directions and internal rotation.

week 3

This week will introduce you to the dynamic duo: abduction and adduction. You’ll also explore movement in the lateral plane.

week 4

This week you’ll get a big dose of external hip rotation plus a little hip flexor strength and power to balance it out!

week 5

This is pigeon week. All pigeon, almost all the time. Just like shark week only with less teeth.

week 6

This week focuses on squatting on your feet and on your back. For real. Plus a bonus flow for rocking these past 6 weeks!

Bite Size Hips