Meditation for Moms Confirmation

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Thanks for signing up for Meditation for Moms, a FREE 6-day challenge !

I look forward to helping you make space and time for meditation beginning on March 17th.

Right now, I need you to do these 2 important things in order to make sure you’re ready to go when we start:

✓ I’ll be sending you emails everyday, so please make sure is marked as one of your favorites in your email so you don’t miss any of the emails reminders I send about this event.

I’d hate for you to miss it just because the email got lost in spam or your promotions folder.

✓ You’ll also want to join my facebook group, the Conscious Healthy Community, where I’ll be live every day with a guided meditation that you can join in and do with me!

This is where the bulk of the challenge will be held. In addition to the daily live meditations, I’ll be offering support and answering questions in the group. So if you’re on facebook, make sure to join ASAP!

I’m looking forward to getting started with you on March 17th!

(and if you know anyone else who needs this, send them this link to join in, too!)

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I also have one more gift for you, before we get started.

I create a monthly guided meditation for the people in my online yoga studios the Collective and LITE. The meditation below was our meditation from February. It’s a guided meditation for cultivating Self-Love. Although I recorded it for the yogis in my online studio, it’s really geared towards moms. I return to this meditation regularly. It’s really powerful and supportive.

You can listen to the meditation below, so long as you bookmark this page. The only other place you’d find it is if you join the Collective or LITE, where meditations like this are available every month and all of the prior meditations can be found in the monthly resource pages.

Once you listen to the meditation, if you decide you LOVE it and want more, I’ll give you a discount on LITE, which is the program geared more towards busy moms.

Use the code MOM at checkout and you’ll be able to join LITE for 20% off the regular monthly cost to join.

Remember: this offer is only good on this page! So make sure to bookmark this page so you have access to this great deal!

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