Why I Do Core Work Everyday

At the beginning of April, I started doing core work everyday. This isn’t necessarily a huge deal for me. I love doing core work. I always have. Core work can be really fun and almost [...]


How to Support Small Businesses without Spending Any Money

If you’re like me, everything feels a little overwhelming right now. You’re probably tired of hearing that this is “the new normal” or that these are “unprecedented [...]


How to Handle Stress During a Crisis

How are you handling the stress of staying home? Everyone and their mom has an opinion about what you should do as you grapple with the crisis. Some people are saying that this is the time to [...]


How to Take Online Yoga Classes

Many years ago, before I had kids, I was skeptical of online yoga. To be honest, I wasn’t that interested in virtual yoga. It seemed cold and impersonal. I was sure that the classes [...]


Practices to Calm Your Nervous System

Yesterday Milly suddenly felt super overwhelmed. I don’t remember what go her so worked up, but she went into full freak out mode. I wanted to help her without making her feel bad about the [...]